Pajinka & Northern Cape York

The tip of Australia is a bucket list must for many travellers - attracting 4WDers, wildlife and photography enthusiasts, fishing and boat charters, island hoppers, grey nomads and adventure-seekers alike. With our rich and diverse landscape from rainforests teeming with unique flora and fauna to our rivers and estuaries home to crocodiles and myriad fish species or our beautiful beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, there is something for everyone in Northern Cape York.

Our communities are one of the few remaining places in Australia where indigenous cultural traditions are practised authentically, and often shared with tourists and visitors. If you're looking for a true taste of Cape York, try some locally caught fish or the local favourite, simar chicken. Have a yarn with a community elder or watch the kids spear fish and stingray in the clear waters.

Download the NPA Tourism Booklet 2024.

Jardine River and Beyond

Northern Peninsula Area Tourism Booklet 2024


When to Visit


Dry Season (drive or fly) – May to Oct: Experience:- NPA Cultural festival – indigenous dance, music and culture (July 11-13), Pajinka tours; Birdwatching/ Wilderness tours; 4WDing - national parks and coastal reserves, rivers and lagoons; Helicopter tours; Fishing (rivers and sea); Island tours; Torres Strait and local adventure tours; Camping and glamping, plus more.

Green Season (fly) – Nov to April: Experience:- Local Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders cultures, unique wildlife and marine life spotting (including crocs – plenty of crocs!), Beachcombing; Island trips; Amazing photography/ videography; Epic fishing charters; Boat tripping; Remote hiking; Cultural food experience; Indigenous On Country tours, Torres Strait islands tours, Waterfalls and more.


Getting here

Drive: Northern Cape York is wildly popular with the 4WD market – with up to 80 000 ‘off-road’ enthusiasts a year making the journey by road from down south. Other vehicles can also drive with care up the Peninsula Development Road - unsealed north of Laura. Bamaga is around 1000km, by road, north of Cairns.

Fly: Totally accessible by air – just a 2hr flight via Skytrans from Cairns - or Qantas flies to nearby Horn Island/ Thursday Island from Cairns. Even travel by helicopter from Horn Island or Cairns …

Boat: Ferry from Horn Island/ Thursday Island takes one hour to Seisia Wharf, here in Northern Cape York. Charter/ tour boats can also reach Seisia Wharf to access this most northerly Queensland mainland. 


Special Attractions

Arts: Visiting Arts and Culture lovers will be excited to know that the NPA Art Centre is producing some budding art stars – and emerging designers, with a collection off to Darwin Art Fair in August 2024, as well as regular exhibitions in Brisbane, Cairns and beyond.

Visit the NPA Art Centre – see here:

The NPA Art Centre provides a platform for artists of aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, to showcase their work and engage with their community, while also providing opportunities for visitors to learn about different cultures and traditions of the NPA.

Media: Australian Traveller Magazine was recently here in late 2023 – see article here:


Tourism Operators

There are many tourism operators who operate within our region, varying with what you'd like to experience, or you can head here on your own and still have the adventure of a lifetime.

Some NPA tourism operators and businesses have put together a website with a wealth of local tourism knowledge We encourage you to visit the site before you start planning your trip. 


Cultural Respect

We ask that all tourists pelase treat our region with respect and remember that as they explore, they are visitors upon traditionally owned land. Please be respectful when entering community, the bush or campsites.

Rubbish bins are provided at most popular camping sites, and if not, please take your rubbish with you.

Please take only photos and leave only footprints, or perhaps a thong on a local thong tree!