Cemetries and Funerals

NPARC's Funeral Assistance

Funeral Assistance

Breaking of news day

Council will provide 20 chairs for the day at no charge and pick up the next day. Out of business hours requests, or late in day when no staff are available, the family will pick up chairs.

Tea, coffee, sugar and a box of cups for a funeral at no charge to an immediate family member or executor.

For the funeral

To all residents a reduced fee rate for the following items that can be hired specifically for funerals; the current rate is included in the annual fees and charges adopted by Council:

  • Hearse on a day rate with driver (weekends at higher rate)
  • A funeral package of PA system, 6x6m pop up marquee, 20 chairs, water cooler, small skip bin or equivalent and 1 fold out table at half day, day and weekend rates OR

Hire of individual components of the package as follows:

  • Chair hire for funerals per unit
  • Table for funeral (1 only) per unit
  • Marquee – large pop up 6x6m for funerals per unit
  • Portable PA system for funerals on a day rate.

All hire items are subject to a bond and delivery charge where applicable.

On the request of an immediate family member, or executor, the Council will provide one or more of the following:

  • A credit at the Umagico Supermarket for authorised family members to purchase food items up to $1000 for the wake subject to those purchases being fully reimbursed by a payroll deduction by family members or other definite payment plan,
  • Excavation of grave site for burials within communities at designated cemeteries at no cost. Excavation of grave sites outside of community or designated cemeteries will be done on a cost recovery basis by a payroll deduction by family members or other definite payment plan.
  • Waiver of either Hearse Hire fees OR Funeral Package and individual component hire fees to the value of $250.00.
  • Provision and delivery of up to 8m3 of sand.

Council requires at least 3 working days notice of requests for funeral arrangements.


Funerals/Burials outside of the Community Township and designated cemeteries

No supplementary services such as clearing weeds, roads or tracks, provision of rocks, fencing or excavation of a burial site will be provided for funerals and burials outside of the township and designated cemeteries.

Other exclusions - NPARC will not provide assistance with airfares. No burials will be conducted in cemeteries that are closed.

for more details or to access support, please contact NPARC Bamaga Office on 4090 4100

Use this    link to read the entire policy


Upkeep of regional cemeteries, including grass cutting, repairs and fencing is conducted by NPARC Public Works, as a community service.