Buildings, Construction and Maintenance


Building – Maintenance Crew

This team looks after any Minor Maintenance Works (carpentry) for social housing that is delivered through the QBuild portal and allocated to them. They also carry out supply & construction of cross and surroundings as part of the NPARC’s community service for funerals. Also support or assist Handyman when required to carry out works for the Property & Facilities team.

Building Maintenance and Upgrades

This team looks after all minor upgrades to Council’s properties and facilities - including projects such as upgrading their carpenter’s depot at Injinoo by extending a section of the building to create another storage room, and renovation of the new youth hub at Bamaga (old HACC).


Nparc's handyman team assist all carpenters and departments in any minor maintenance works required for its properties and facilities. They also carry out works for the Property & facilities team in furniture removal or assembly and sometimes include yard maintenance for staff housing.



The Construction team carries out all new build construction and project works such as ‘Works for Queensland’ which currently includes the Pajinka and Muttee Heads toilets/amenities, Muttee Heads Bridge, Seisia foreshore upgrade and Injinoo Hall Kitchen upgrade.

These forms are for builders and developers to apply for plumbing approvals and/or on site septic systems.

Current Fees and Charges can be found in the finance section of Corporate Documents.

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