Cultural Festival

2022 NPA Cultural Festival - Date 24 -25 June 2022


Cultural Festival

Cultural Festival

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Please also note that travelling attendees will need to source accommodation early as spots are filling fast with the incoming tourists. 

Hard copy forms can be available from the New Mapoon Office. 

Peddels Ferry are providing discounted ferry trips between Thursday Island and Seisia (NPA) specifcally for the festival.

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For all enquiries please contact Kori Totorewa on 0473 491 540 or email

For stall and volunteers information - Call Kitty Tabuai - 07 4048 6600

For General Event Information - Call Marj Sagagi - 07 4048 6600


2018 NPA Cultural Festival - Information and Images

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To download a printable full version of the 2018 program

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General Information

Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council (NPARC) Are proud to host the 2018 NPA Cultural Festival – Keep the Flame of Culture Burning. The Festival committee and coordinators have commenced planning for the 4 day festival which will be held between July 4 – 7 July 2018. The Festival will travel between each of the 5 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities of Injinoo, Umagico, Seisia, New Mapoon and finishing in Bamaga. A carved fire torch will be lit to signify peace, unity and the flame of culture, the torch will make its way throughout the communities with small community events taking place before the big events in Bamaga over the two day period.

This Festival is a free event for all community members, families and tourists. Let us show you our cultural dance groups, emerging artists, talents, cultural food and local arts/craft stalls. On display throughout the 6 day festival will traditional carving workshops, art exhibitions, history walks and local tours to learn about the historical places within NPA.

Latest Festival News

NPARC is proud to announce that Christine Anu will be performing at the 2018 Cultural Festival. Christine is an internationally acclaimed artist with multiple award winning albums. With hits such as Sunshine on a rainy day, My Island Home and Kulba Yaday Christine’s presence will be felt amongst all. This will be the first time Christine will perform in front of her NPA families who travelled from Saibai Island to settle in the NPA some 70 years ago so many of her childhood friends and family are very excited to see her perform at the festival. Christine will perform on Friday July 6th 2018 and will be a free event for the community to watch her perform. Thank you to our sponsors Skytrans and funding bodies for providing this exciting opportunity.

Festival Organisers are proud to showcase our local artists and region. Congratulations to Vincent Babia of Seisia who will feature in the Feb/March issue of the Rex Airlines inflight magazine. Vincent’s artwork has been on display at various exhibitions across Australia as an acclaimed visual artist and performing artist he has excelled in his field of arts and culture. Vincent is a key artist for the Culture Festival who designed many art works at previous festivals and is part of the art design works for 2018. Congratulations Vincent.

We are proud to announce that Anzac Newman a local talented artist will be designing the festival t-shirt designs for the 2018 Cultural Festival. Anzac is a young artist who will bring in the modern design for our festival, We want fresh, new and exciting ideas that capture the modern life as well as keeping true to the cultural practise

Emerging Artist Program

As part of the 2018 Cultural Festival – Keep the Flame of Culture Burning we are proud to present the Emerging Artist Program (EAP) which is a comprehensive arts program that exposes local children and youth from ages 5 – 17 to the different mediums of arts. Students will partake in regular workshops starting in February 2018 and will be tutored by acclaimed artists within the region. We have partnered with local schools, dance troupes to provide an exciting arts program. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the following activities including but not limited to;

  • Sound, lighting and videography engineering
  • Learning the fundamentals of creating visual art
  • Singing and dancing
  • T-shirt designing and printing

Students will also get the opportunity to sing with acclaimed artist Christine Anu who will be performing at the festival. If your child is aged under 17 and has a hidden talent that needs to be developed than please contact the Arts Development Coordinator on 07 4048 6600. This is an exciting opportunity for our local children and youth’s to participate in.

Expression of Interest

Community & Cultural performance groups

Festival Organisers are currently seeking EOI for cultural groups, artists and musicians who can help make our festival successful, fun and exciting. We want our cultural performance program to:

  • Create a festival atmosphere that celebrates our cultures
  • Unite, proud, patriotic, collective voice in celebration
  • Provide something that’s innovative, or original
  • Contemporary or culturally relevant
  • Promote and encourage participation

We are taking expression of interests from groups in the following ways:

  • Roving performers who are able to participate in a float parade
  • Children's entertainment
  • Cultural performance and dance groups
  • Individual artists emerging and professional (Open to all ages)
  • Comedians, singers , poets or entertainers

To submit an expression of interest, please email

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