Animal Management

Local Laws 

NPARC Local Laws restrict the number of animals that may be kept on each allotment in the NPA. The restrictions, applying to the ownerships of dogs, cats, horses and other livestock, are designed to ensure animal wellfare standards are met.

Each house is restricted to no more than two dogs per house (exceptions can be made for hunting dogs), and all cats and dogs must be registered. All land and enclosures must be deemed suitable living environments for animals. All animals must be registered with council.

You can find a complete copy of the reviewed regulations here


Animal Registration Fees

Registering an entire dog:  $50

Registering a de-sexed dog:  $10


You can download an    Animal Registration Form here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Registration of an entire or desexed dog

A. $10 for desexed and $50 for entire dogs. You can get and submit forms at our Bamaga office. Drop in and talk to one of our friendly staff.

Q. What if my fence is damaged?

A. The laws require animals to be restrained from wandering at large in public. This includes by leash with access to food, water and shelter. Where fencing is damaged NPARC understands there are issues with getting them fixed. The animal management team will help residents to fix minor damage, and will help you to notify housing department of any majors work needed.

Q. What happens when dogs are taken to the pound?

A. Dogs are kept at the pound for a minimum of 3 days, and maximum of 2 weeks. The animal management team will take a photo and will put it on our Facebook page to try and identify the owner.

Q. What happens if we can’t find the owners or the owners don’t want the dog?

A. The Animal Management team is working closely with Lucky Paws and Maranoa Animal rescue to rehome stray or unwanted dogs. These organisations are collecting and transporting the animals to Cairns or Brisbane.

Q. How many dogs per house?


A. Each house is allowed 2 dogs that must be kept in the yard at all times. If you have more than 2, for example, you have hunting dogs, you will need to write a letter to the council explaining this and ask for an exemption.

Q What do you do if there is a stray dog around that you would like the Animal Management Team to deal with?

A. Ring the Umagico Office and they will pass a message onto the Animal Management Team. 40486900.

Q What services do the vets provide?

A. Free desexing for dogs, cats and male horses.  Free flea, tick and worm treatments for dogs and cats. Treatment of more complex problems are available on a user pays basis, when a vet team is in community.

Vet Visits:

Q. What happens when the vet is not here?

A. The Animal Management Team hold a supply of medication to help with simple issues and are trained in the emergency euthanasia if required.

Q What if I don’t follow this Local Law?


A. If you don’t follow this Local Law by, for example, ensuring your animals are restrained at your premises and not wandering around community, you may be issued with an on the spot fine (Infringement Notice) by a Council Authorised Person. If you don’t pay the fine, this unpaid fine will be sent to the State Penalties and Enforcement Registry (SPER) for enforcement. We encourage everyone to follow these new rules for the safety of all residents.

Q What if I have other question?

A. Ring the Umagico office or ask on facebook. We will try to give everyone clear information.

You can get your dog pet desexed and treated for fleas and ticks for free at the moment. Visit our Bamaga office for more information.