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What does our Aged Care Service do?

The NPA Community Aged Care and Disability Support Service helps elders in our community to live independently at home.

There are two levels of service:

  • Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) is for people who just need a little bit of support.
  • Home Care Package (HCP) Program is for people who have more complex aged care support needs.

How do I get the aged care services?

To access aged care services people must register on My Aged Care and be assessed by the regional assessment service (RAS) to access CHSP services or ACAT assessment for HCP services.

Ume Elderly can get help to register on My Aged Care - from your doctor at NPA Family and Community Service or Torres Cape Hospital and Health Service - or your family can register you with My Aged Care, or NPA Community Aged Care and Disability Support Service can help you register.

Who can use the service?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are over 50 years of age - and assessed as needing support by My Aged Care - are eligible to access Aged Care Services.


Aged Care Clients are eligible to access these Aged Care Services

Domestic Assistance e.g. General house cleaning, Unaccompanied shopping.
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Social Support Group eg; activities at the Aged Care and Disability Centre
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Home Maintenance
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Meals - Lunch, Dinner
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Home Modifications eg: Handrails, ramps HACC Icon5
Personal Care e.g. Assistance with Medication and Self-Care.


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Social Support Individual eg: accompanied shop-ping, outings and home visiting. HACC Icon
Help to get equipment like wheelchairs, walking sticks and other support HACC Icon
Transport and activities


Your Care Plans

Each client has a care plan developed that describes what services will be delivered and how often services are provided. The care plan will be reviewed regularly.

Your agreements

Each Client is asked to sign a client agreement when they start with the service. Your agreement states:
• Your services the client will receive
• The cost of service delivery
• Charter of Aged Care Rights

Costs for Aged Care

The Australian Government has policy of charging for aged care services. The following charges will apply:
• $5.00 for each meal provided
Money is paid to the service by Direct Centrelink deduction.


We will ask permission to share any information about clients with the clinic or with anyone else. A copy of the care plan will be given to each clients.

Enjoy living at home with support from our services  

The Aged Care staff are UME MOB here to support ume elders live in our community with family if you need help. 

The Aged Care service will not do things which family can still help with or activities that clients can do for themselves. We will include you in activities that keep your body and brain active which is good for your health.


Client Feedback

We really want to know what you think about our aged care services. From time to time we will conduct client feedback surveys to see what you think. In between time, you can always tell us what you think by putting your ideas in the suggest box at the aged care centre or telling any of our workers.

If you have a complaint about the service please let us know straight away so that we can fix it quickly. You can make a complaint by filling in a complaints form - or telling a care worker or the Aged Care and Disability Manager on 4048 6615 or

If the complaint is about the Aged Care and Disability Manager you can contact the CEO of the NPARC Council to share your worries. If you are not satisfied that your complaint has been dealt with you can contact the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission on 1800951822 or find them on the internet to make a written complaint

Advocacy for clients

Advocacy is a process of finding a representative (family member, friend or leader) to speak up for you or stand up for your needs. An advocate will listen to your concerns and help you understand the issues and speak up for you if you feel unable to speak up for yourself.

If you don’t have someone to be your advocate you could contact Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia on 1800 818 338 or or email on to ask for assistance.

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