Yumpla Coast Strategic Plan.

Yumpla Coast Strategic Plan

NPARC has developed the Yumpla Coast Strategic Plan to help to manage and adapt to current and future coastal hazard impacts on our coastline and communities. 
The NPA coastline is prone to coastal hazard impacts, driven by tropical cyclones, storm events and annual trade or ‘Kuki’ winds. Coastal hazard impacts are predicted to increase with a changing climate. We want to make sure we are in the best position possible to protect the community and infrastructure that is important to us. 
Coastal hazards include erosion of our sandy coastlines, and short- or long-term inundation of low-lying areas by seawater. The Strategy assesses the potential risks to our communities, environment, cultural values, infrastructure, and essential services from coastal hazards using guidelines determined by the Queensland Government. The Strategy builds upon coastal hazard information and mapping previously publicly released by the Queensland Government. 
The Yumpla Coast Strategic Plan also outlines strategies for Council and provides guidance for other property and asset owners to help increase the resilience of our coastline over the next 80 years. 

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