NPARC Social Housing

NPARC Housing is responsible for NPA social housing; including leasing and tenancy management. As a requirement of Local Government on DOGIT Land, this ensures that livable and cost effective housing is provided to the communities.Housing also ensures that all Council's obligations as landlord under Queensland legislation are met.

In accordance with the Council’s Housing Policy and Procedures, the following forms are now available for completion by Applicants:

Eligibility for Council’s Social Housing Program will be assessed based on the information and supporting documentation provided with the application and in accordance with Council Housing Policy and procedures which can be accessed here

Applications can be submitted via:

  • Email to:
  • Hand delivery to: Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council 57 McDonnell Street, Injinoo, QLD, 4876.

Enquiries and Assistance:

Contact Properties and Facilities Team at Injinoo on 0740 486 800


Housing Maintenance

NPARC Housing Officers work closely with BAS for housing maintenance. For maintenance on social housing,  If the tennant is unable to contact Q-Build by his or herself, NPARC Housing Offiers can contact on their behalf.

Property & Leasing have developed maintenance forms for both NPARC owned/managed buildings and residential properties.  To ensure requests are actioned appropriately and in a timely manner, please complete the relevant maintenance form (attached) and email to property and leasing central email account -

Please refer to the relevant forms for raising maintenance requests.

NPARC Buildings Maintenance Form – Complete this form for all NPARC owned/managed buildings, including offices, leased properties etc. 
Housing Maintenance Form - Complete this form for all residential housing, including staff provided housing.