Child Care

The communities of the NPA are serviced by child care services in Bamaga, Injinoo and Umagico. These services cover before and after school care, as well as day care and holiday day care.

The NPA Youth and Child Care Centres are regularly involved in community activities and fun days; promoting culture, learning and belonging.

NPA Childcare/ Youth centre Directory

Bamaga Kazil Management Ph. 4212 2101

Bamaga Kazil Daycare Ph: 4212 2100

Bamaga Kazil Activity Centre Ph. 4212 2103

Bamaga Kazil Youth Centre. Ph: 4069 3847

Injinoo Day Care Centre. Ph: 4212 2401

Injinoo OSHC. Ph: 4069 3109

Nai-Beguta Agama Aboriginal Corp/ Organisation;

New Mapoon Daycare Ph: 4069 3074 

New Mapoon Activity Centre Ph: 4069 3353

New Mapoon Resource Centre Ph: 4069 3408

Umagico Child Care Centre. Ph:4212 2500

Umagico OSHC. Ph: 4083 0440

NPA Safe House. Ph: 4212 2202

Pictured: Mozaic workshop, held at Injinoo Healing Centre.