Our Community

Local Events

NPA Region Communities have a busy year filled with many local events from regular sporting competitions to public holiday celebrations and cultural events.

Community Events

NPARC Events are responsible for hosting a range of community events from public holiday activities to; NPA Rugby League Carnival, Seniors Week, NPA Show, Mud Rally, NPA Cultural Festival, Talent Quests and more.

Cultural Events

NPA Communities are rich in indigenous culture, with various artists, singers, dancers and teachers. Our dance groups perform often at various regional cultural events such as the renowned Laura Dance Festival, Thursday Island Winds of Zenadth Festival and NPA Show.

Sporting Events

NPA Sporting competitions are largely organised and run by NPARC Sports and Rec team.


NPARC Sports and Rereation 0740904141 or 0740904142

Events Team: 07 4048 6600