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NPA Arts Centre

The NPA Arts Centre is based in New Mapoon, opposite the NPARC office. The centre is open to all local artists and travellers, professionals as well as beginners.

The centre hosts frequent art workshops open to the public, aimed at fostering cultural growth and supporting traditional artforms. In 2012, the NPA Arts Centre hosted a program run by UMI Arts, aimed at assisting local artists in exhibiting their work. The very first Exhibition showcasing only work from NPA artists, Ngalpa Mura Tjar'a Tjera Apudthama, was held at UMI Art Gallery in Cairns, mid year 2012.

Arts Centre Website - works for sale, artist profiles and latest news.



Zugubaw Thithuyil Dance Troupe

The Zugubaw Thithuyil Dance Troupe perform  traditional Island dances based on cultural legends and traditions from Saibai Island, in the Torres Strait. Based in Seisia, they retell the story of their ancestors journey from Saibai Island to the mainland. 

Their fearsome costumes imitate the traditional warrior dress of their ancestors and war paint depicts the individual's totem.

They give regular evening performances at the Seisia Campgrounds.


Injinoo Dance Troupe

Injinoo's extraordinary dance troupe perform dances that relive Gudang cultural practices and share stories of animal Dreaming. With dancers both young and old, they continue to pass down their culture down through each generation. 

They have been recognised for their great skill, performing at CAIF Indigenous Art Fair 2010, Laura Festival '10, '09 and '07 as well as Cardwell Festival ' 09, Caboolture Dreaming Festival and Woodford Festival '05 and many other venues.

You can view the Injinoo dancers performing at Injinoo Point, Cowal Creek here.


Berlibal Dance Troupe

Combining traditional dance, costume and music to contemporary ideas, the Berlibal Dance troupe is known for their breathtaking and unique performances. A mix of men and women of all ages, their dances tell the stories of the journey from Saibai Island to the mainland, and depict cultural legends.

You can view the dancers performing here.



New Mapoon Dance Troupe

Exploring the journey from Old Mapoon through dreamtime stories with a contemporary twist, the New Mapoon Dance Troupe are known for their linear storytelling, expressing hunting and cultural stories though traditional dance.

"People watching can identify with the stories told, from spearing fish to searching for sugar bag," choreographer Johnny Mark explains.

The New Mapoon Dance Troupe encourage community participation and education, with a no school, no dance policy.