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Jardine River Ferry Management information for travellers

27 May 2020 

Please be advised:- The Jardine Ferry has no reopened 7 days a week 8am - 6pm with a 1 hour break between 12pm - 1pm daily. 


You will still need to obtain approval for travel. Please contact Bamaga office 0740904120 if requiring further information. 

Please ensure you have the required “approved documentation” before you travel in order to cross over on the Ferry. You will be refused crossing on the Ferry if you do not have the correct paperwork.

This falls in line with the recent LDMG CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) notice issued by NPA Regional Council. The current travel restrictions which have been applied are in the interest of the ongoing health and safety of our residents in the NPA.

Weipa is now a designated area within the northern Biosecurity zone.  


Jardine Ferry Safety Management requires vehicles on the ferry to have motors turned off, be in gear with the handbrake on. All occupants of the vehicle must remain in the vehicle. This is for the safety of all users. 

During busy times between the months of May - October the Jardine Ferry can have significant delays due to large amount of travellers. Please make sure you arrive at the ferry by 4pm. 

In addition, the Jardine Ferry Service Station and Ticket centre now accepts Eftpos only or pre purchase tickets on Council website online -

For any information please call staff at Jardine Ferry Roadhouse on 07 40691 369. 


Published: 27th May 2020