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Emergency Information

In case of emergencies requiring ambulance, police or fire service- Call 000

Bamaga Police Station

07 4090 4500

Lui St


Bamaga Hospital

07 4069 3166

Sagaukaz St,


Thursday Island Hospital

07 4069 0200

131 Douglas St,

Thursday Island

SES/ Volunteer Coastguard / Rural Fire Brigade

In case of emergency, call 000.

SES Shed located at Seisia, opposite the shop.

Cape York Flotilla Commander Phone - 07 4069 3080 


SES/ Volunteer Coastguard / Rural Fire Brigade

The NPA Region is serviced by a volunteer SES core, trained in road crash recovery, emergency housing repairs, fire fighting and coast guard duties. SES trains regularly from their base shed, located in Seisia.

NPARC is proud to support our local Emergency Services through assisting in communication upgrades and the donation of the SES Shed.

NPA Emergency Services promote emergency response awarness at regional events, including a demonstration at the NPA Show 2012 where the SES squad removed a car roof using jaws of life, working with NPA Ambulance and Police services to clear the scene and treat the patient while Rural Fire Brigade put out the car fire.  

NPA Emergency serviecs also participated in a controlled airport 'emergency' activity where a fake plane crash (simulated by a bus on the runway) was carried out at the regional airport. (Pictured Below: please note, this was a simulated crash, not an actual emergency and no-one was injured during the course of the activity.)