Council Information

Land Development


NPA Communities stand upon DOGIT Land; Traditionally Owned Land under a Deed Of Grant In Trust (DOGIT) where NPARC, as Local Government, must provide certain services for operation on the land.

These services include provision of water and power utilities, sewerage and waste removal, social housing, roads and more.

NPA Elected Representatives; Mayor and Councillors, act as Trustees of the Land, signing off on behalf of their communities on Council activities. They provide a voice of the people within Council Chambers.


As NPA Land is not freehold, it cannot be bought or sold; and so housing, business and land leases must be arranged. To lease land in NPA DOGIT Areas, appicantst must submit an application through Council.

It is advised that applicants discuss their applications with their local Councillor before submission to ensure all areas are covered.

For more information on the Expression of Interest including to obtain a copy of the relevant forms or range an inspection, interested parties should contain Peri Sunai on 0439198633  

Expression of Interest (EOI) for a lease of Torres Strait Islander land

Expression of Interest (EOI) for a lease of Aboriginal land

Road Development

All road extensions, clearing and development carried out upon NPA DOGIT land is completed by NPARC Operations and Road Crews, or subcontracted locally through NPARC.

All work is carried out under the supervision of a Traditional Owner.

Housing Development and Subdivisions

Placement and flow of housing development sites is decided through consultations with Trustees of the Land and community members. NPARC strives to create local training, employment and economic opportunities through local development activities such as housing and development.