Council Corporate Documents

Council Corporate Documents

The Local Government Act 2009 requires Councils to have a Community Plan, Corporate Plan and the adoption of an annual budget and operating plan consistent with the Corporate Plan. The Corporate Plan is required to continue in force for five years or until the earlier adoption of a new corporate plan.  

Council has developed a framework for planning documents to best deliver its services while meeting its regulatory obligations. The leading documents are the Community Plan, which defines the issues facing the community, how it wants to be in the future, and how it believes it can get there, and the Council Customer Charter, which defines what services the Council will deliver to the community.

These two documents are supported by the Corporate Plan, which outlines the strategic direction of Council for the next five years. The way those strategies will be delivered is detailed in the Service Delivery Strategy, which identifies specific actions, responsible officers, budgets, assets and timeframes for the implementation of Council strategies.

The Service Delivery Strategy is supported by the Governance Plan, the Asset Management Plans, and the Financial Management Plan. Completing the framework are a Land Use and Environmental Management Plan, which deals with environmental management and land leasing and tenure issues, Staff Performance plans, and documented procedures, processes and forms.

Together, these documents make up the NPARC Management Plan. The monitoring and reporting on Council achievements is reported through the Annual Report.

All documents are available for download from this webpage.


Asset Management Plans

Financial Budgets and Statements