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School and NPARC Worker Bus Services

NPA Regional Council provides regular school bus services, as well as transportation of its workforce. Bus services are also provided for public events and funerals.


Jardine Ferry Service

NPA Regional Council also operates the Jardine Ferry service, connecting Northern and Southern stretches of  Peninsula Development Road.

Ferry Hours 8am to 5pm
Enquiries: Northern Peninsular Area Regional Council
- Bamaga
Ph: 07 4090 4100   
Ferry: 07 40691369   Fax: 07 40692808

Jardine Ferry Prices


Ferry receipt will act as a permit to camp in bush campsites only, maintained campsites (eg. Punsand Bay, Alau Beach, Loyalty Beach or Seisia Campgrounds) will require further payment.
Many bush campgrounds operate on an honour system, if you enjoy your stay, please make a donation so we can continue to maintain this paradise.
As our region lies on Traditionally Owned land, please be aware that when travelling or camping, you are visitors, welcomed in good faith. Please respect the land, only camping in designated camping areas. If you are unsure if you are allowed somewhere, please feel free to ask a community member of contact the Local Ranger Base at Injinoo on 4069 3875.