Sports and Recreation Facilities Sports and Recreation Facilities

NPARC aims to provide a range of local recreational services and facilities for both local residents and visitors. Facilities are spread between the communities, and are open to each community. 




Football is a very popular passtime in the NPA, especially rugby, though recently many players have began to play AFL as well. Sporting ovals can be found in each of the communities., with the most Northern Queensland AFL field found in New Mapoon. 

NPARC Events organises regular sporting matches, and volunteers run year-long football matches based in Bamaga. 

Bamaga Pool

Although the NPA sits upon a ribbon of tropical coast line, it is unadvisable to swim if you don't want to meet a crocodile or stingers. However, Bamaga Swimming Pool provides a safe and relaxing alternative to escape the heat.




Bamaga Gym

Beside the Yusia Ginau Oval in Bamaga, NPARC operates a local gym, offering work out equipment, air conditioned rooms and regular fitness programs. 

These programs are jointly run with local orgainisations including the NPA Family Resource Centre, Cape York PCYC and (womens shelter)



Seisia Wharf

A popular drawcard of the NPA is fishing, and a popular spot to throw in a line is off the Seisia wharf. It's strongly advised you do not swim here, as there are many crocodiles, sharks and stingrays in the water. 

Many walking groups will meet at the wharf, to walk around the community. 


New Mapoon All Abilities Playground

The Community Development Employment program recently constructed an All Abilities Playground in the heart of New Mapoon. Officially opened in 2011, the following year saw local artworks, mozaics and gardens installed in the playground. 

These artworks tell the tales of local dreaming stories, family totems and unity. 


Community Halls

Each community has access to a large community hall that can be used for indoor sporting games, church groups, community meetings or functions.