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 Message From The Mayor



The Northern Peninsula Area is a very special part of Australia. It is rich in culture and has a strong and vibrant heritage.

My councillors and I are determined to make a positive difference to the people of the NPA. We will work through the challenges we face, and regularly consult with the community and traditional owners.

Our priority is the development of enterprises in the NPA, but attention is also given to community services, infrastructure, housing, youth training and education and culture.

In partnership with the community, Council and external agencies, we will build on the Area’s strengths. These are our people, our cultures, our position and our environment. As we say up here “land and sea is our bread and butter”.


Representatives Representatives



Edward Newman

After several years working at our local school, NPA College, Eddie hopes to build educational cnd employment opportunities in the region, during his term as newly elected Mayor in March 2016.






Deputy Mayor -

New Mapoon Division

Michael Bond



Bamaga Division

Cassandra Adidi



Umagico Division

Dennis Getawan



Injinoo Division

Gina Nona



Seisia Division

Joseph Elu

As current chairman of Seisia Enterprises, Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) Chair and member for Seisia community, and former mayor of NPA, Joseph has a strong background in local government and business.