Aged Care Services Aged Care Services

Home and Community Care Service

The NPA Home and Community Care service (HACC) provides home care for the elderly and the infirm as a social service.

The service includes transportation for the elderly or infirm, including a bus to activites held across the five communities with tranportation equipped for wheel chair access.

Members of our HACC group are often involved in cultural and community activities including language and cultural educational programs, art programs and community celebrations.

HACC group members are recognised as community elders and seniors, whose knowledge and community standing is both acknowledged and respected.

Pictured Right - Members of the NPA HACC Group participate in Ghost net weaving


HACC Centre

The current HACC Center is based in Bamaga, near the Ginau Oval. The center facilitates HACC group activities as well as Meals on Wheels services.

The very modern new HACC Centre will open in February 2016 at Brown Road, New Mapoon.